We know Calgary has to cut costs.
Privatization isn’t the way to do it.

$60 million saved. That’s the target. And it’s the right target. The math says so. One proposal before council is to privatize the public service. The math has something to say about that too.

And it’s not pretty.

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Tell City Council to protect the public service

Tell City Council to protect the public service

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Privatization is garbage

It’s been tried in other cities in Canada. It rarely went well.

One Winnipeg private waste management company faced $400,000 in fines in one month for not meeting service targets. READ MORE »

And Toronto, after having tested the model, conclusively found that "the best value and lowest risk to the City of Toronto is to continue with the (public) model." READ MORE »

This supports the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives assertion that essential services like hydro, water and sewage treatment, and garbage collection are always best under public control. When it comes to these services, they say, "the health and well-being of people should come before profits." READ MORE »


3 Key Ways To Solve The Problem


Smart growth This is the process of evaluating how things get done, strategically plugging the gaps that lead to waste, and planning intelligently for change...



Do more with less This applies equally to civil servants and citizens. On the public side, we can evaluate the department budgets, how they’re allocated...



Adopt technology A commitment to implementing modern tracking tools would let the city define high-performance realistically and take the right steps to work towards it...

Who are we

We are Calgary’s City Workers. We’re trash collectors, public art curators, water testers, golf course stewards, zookeepers and about 320 other things. Our satisfaction rating is an unheard-of 84% because we have a lot of practice. We’ve been at it since 1917.

Now City Council wants to privatize our jobs to save a buck. Seriously. Their plan will save every home one whole dollar a year and replace 102 years of experience with the lowest bidder. If City Council does this, we’ll get what we pay for. And what we deserve.

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