Public For A Reason

Every year, The Economist ranks cities around the world based on stability, healthcare, culture & environment, education and infrastructure. This determines which cities have the best living conditions and provide the highest quality of life. Since 2009, Calgary has earned its place in the top 5 cities, proving its status in both Canada and North America as an ideal home for individuals, families and businesses.

What makes Calgary such a great place to live?

It’s beautiful. At the base of the Rocky Mountains, Calgary gets the benefit of the lakes, rivers and foothills on one side with the wide-open prairies and plentiful sun on the other. It actually receives more hours of sunshine per year than any other major Canadian City and has a comparatively mild climate.

It’s natural beauty is further enhanced by the Government’s willingness to invest in the area. Calgary maintains the most extensive network of pathways in North America. This includes 1,000+ km of regional paths and 96 km of unpaved trails. Calgary is an ideal location for active people looking to walk, run, bike and explore their home city and surrounding areas. The infrastructure contributes to our diverse local culture and is likely why we have the youngest population of major cities in Canada. 

Calgary is also featured on many lists of the cleanest cities in the world. This is due to a hard stance on littering as well as ongoing public service initiatives including a successful recycling program and the yearly street cleaning that runs from April to July. Additionally, the City has been working to ensure our water treatment facilities grow with the city and provide clean drinking water for years to come.

Why is Calgary a strong economic centre?

As the only province without a provincial sales tax, we have a lower cost of living than many Canadian cities. Low property taxes also bring in more businesses and the city keeps housing affordable through Government initiatives. Calgary has the highest concentration of head offices per capita and salaries are above the Canadian average

Since Calgary is a great location for new families, education is a priority. The City has invested $1.2 billion into the public school system over the last 15 years and The University of Calgary is ranked in the top 10 across Canada. 

All this contributes to Calgary’s high quality of life and makes it one of the fastest growing cities in Canada.