Public For A Reason

Do you believe every Calgary resident deserves access to quality of life, equality and the opportunity to prosper?

Do you believe every Calgary community deserves residents who have the ability to participate in and contribute to its development, and that communities are better off when this happens?

Do you believe that the people delivering services that keep you safe and healthy should be accountable to you and not to shareholders? 

We believe it because we’ve seen it in action. It’s always been our approach and it’s helped give Calgary international respect for its achievements in quality of life.

We value equity and unity, and we only answer to you.

None of this happens without a strong public service administered by the public. That’s what you have today, and here’s where we are:

  • #1 most livable city in North America
  • #1 most extensive urban bike pathway in North America 
  • 1,000 km of pathways and 96 km of trails
  • Top 10 global city for family friendliness
  • 10,000 hectares of parkland and public green spaces
  • 5600 public parks
  • 150 off leash dog areas 
  • 48 golf courses

It’s why, in spite of everything thrown at Calgary in the last five years, our population grew 1.9% between July 2019 and July 2020. We’re still the place to be because we’ve always believed in access, ability and accountability for everyone.

With an average age of just 37, we are also a place where young people want to put down roots. They deserve to know the Calgary we knew growing up. It was a great city then. It’s a great city now. 

We know tough decisions have to be made, but let’s get them right so Calgary continues to be a great city into the future.