"Privatization replaces managers accountable to you with managers accountable to shareholders."

- Harvard Business Review

Think about that for a second. Privatization puts the city’s essential services in the hands of people whose only purpose is to maximize profits.

This becomes a problem when they face an either/or scenario that pits what’s good for the city against what’s good for their bottom line because they’ll have a fiduciary obligation to pursue the latter. They’ll be fine. Their investors will be fine. And you’ll suffer.

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But here’s what it’s going to cost us:

  • Service levels we’ve come to expect and appreciate.
  • Above-and-beyond efforts with no agenda other than civic pride.
  • City workers who are valued and taken care of so they can continue giving us their 100%.
  • An infrastructure that exists solely in the best interest of the City and its residents.
Most importantly, it will cost you direct access to the people you rely on to make Calgary a place you want to call home.
Better Plan
We need a better plan.

We don’t have it yet. But we’re working on it. And we want to work with City Council to get it done. We’re prepared to sacrifice for the good of the city. But selling our service contracts to the lowest bidder isn’t sacrifice. It’s suicide.

If you agree, let your City Councillor know.